Medical Coding and Billing

 Medical Billing and Coding consume lots of valuable time for medical professionals. That is where we come in.

We help at the facility or at our facility

Focusing on quality service and professional output, SpectraX provides a wide range of help in medical coding and billing needs for any facility of any size. We work as needed for our clients and their budgets. Our all employees are ICD-10 certificated and are available 24 hours a day. On regular basis, we update our Certifications to ensure we provide the most accurate service.

SpectraX is specifically a medical coding & billing company. We are not an EMR or IT company with unknown remote workers logging into a system. All of our medical coders are seated in the same building. Realizing appropriate payment for services is a challenge for healthcare providers, and it is becoming increasingly difficult. With higher self-pay and compliance increasing exponentially, there is a greater opportunity for risk of error. Medical coding is a key factor that impacts the financial health of your practice. Without specialized expertise, focus, and infrastructure to support the process, you are only increasing your exposure to error and increased audit findings.

By outsourcing your medical coding services to SpectraX, you will:

               a. Optimize your revenue while reducing compliance risk
               b. Increase cash flow by reducing turn around time and improving claims submission
               c. Reduce your administrative burden and expenses

SpectraX services help healthcare providers optimize revenue while minimizing compliance risk. Our deep knowledge of revenue cycle best practices, sharp focus on specialties, and advanced workflow management system deliver expert, predictable results.

Our comprehensive billing and coding services are available as part of our full services offered together or as a standalone service for organizations. Our closed-loop process is seamlessly integrated with your system to ensure the highest degree of data integrity.

What You Get...
               a. Professional or Facility Coding
               b. Specialty-specific Coders dedicated to your account
               c. AAPC, ACMCS, and AHIMA-certified coders
               d. Temporary Help or Long-Term Partnership
               e. Workflow management system that supports the coding process and tracks every record, code, and status
               f. Automated charge entry, which eliminates manual processes and errors
               g. A process to identify documentation issues and how to avoid them
               h. An organization that is knowledgeable about all aspects of the revenue cycle and is passionate about customer service

               · Cost Savings over in-house medical coding
               · Medical coding flexibility

Whether you need to address pending claims, bridge a temporary staffing issue, or outsource billing & coding on a long-term contract basis, SDH can help. We match coders to your operations on a specialty or sub-specialty level so they quickly become familiar with the practice and begin to add value in a timely fashion.